Weedmaps: Marijuana & Cannabis App revisa


Super dank

The best experience

This place is pretty great I came on 420 they had the best deals in town


Medicine too good


Great service

Best app everrrrrr

Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it!Love it! You get it! 😉

Awesome service!

We were very impressed!

Best in the desert!

Top notch all the way!! Friendly customer service, huge selection and good location. Plus they have great specials and free joints with purchase.

Bud tenders

All the tenders here are cool people always give me the what’s up on the deals I always take their word for it Been coming here for years 🤙🏻


So bomb


I love to smoke weed:)

Terrible app


Missoula’s Best

Great app! Very useful!


Great place fast service

Da best

Great places to go great stuff

Best service ever

Amazing service will come again

California love

I love this. Come view for hours and hours of absolute fun

They Delete Negative Reviews

I’ve used this site/app for years to find my medicine and leave reviews. Lately, weedmaps has been TAKING DOWN NEGATIVE REVIEWS. The dispensary just has to report it and just like that it gets taken down. I’ve tried a couple delivery services that sucked and when I left reviews they were taken down. This app is useless now- how can I trust any of the reviews when I know for a fact Weedmaps is deleting negative ones?? Used to be great before they started only allowing positive reviews. UPDATE- WEEDMAPS HAS OFFICIALLY DELETED ALL 15 OF MY REVIEWS (only two of which were less than 4 stars) AND TAKEN MY ACCOUNT OFFLINE.... SO DISAPPOINTED IN HOW AWFUL THIS COMPANY HAS BECOME.


Love this store lots to choose from ,would recommend to all they have a little bit of everything!

Green cross 40 cap

I like that when I ask for certain types of weed they always send me something good. I hate weed that puts me to sleep and they always do a good job at sending me stuff that doesn't bring me down.

New ordering system

I love it, although I wish it would allowed for payment too

Easy to use

Thanks for a great site with an easy map to find what one is looking for


Since most dispensaries keep their menu updated on Weedmaps it would darn near be the perfect app if we could search by strain versus needing to go through menu by menu by menu...by menu. My favorite strain is hard to find and this would save so much time. Leafly offers this but not as up-to-date.

Was perfect

This app was awesome until they restricted access when you live in a state where weed is illegal.

Liar site

So this site allows store owners to pay and have removed negative reviews. So what is the point?

Love weed maps

always stay up to date on the best prices and great sales with weedmaps!

Great service

This place outshines the other shops on Van Nuys. Just saying

False advertising

I was informed by a dispensary that all product pictures are uploaded from factory prior to disbursement to shops itself... this is bull!!!!. Why would I want to see the best nug of the batch when what I’m getting is the popcorn at the bottom of the turkey bag.. let dispensaries upload honest pictures of their product THEY have in store...

Pleasantly content

Brown dog health and Wellness 😊😊😊is amazing great product’s and great prices I will definitely be going back😎💕😎 CynCyn 37

The best

Weedmaps is my go to!! Never lets me down



Recreational dispensary’s??

This app is awesome however I feel it would be even better if the app developers decided to add a option for dispensary’s that are recreational and another option to for medical, just a way so u can search for the different dispensary’s vers having to find a needle in a hay stack!! Other then that this app is awesome!!


These guys are mad dope and the app helps out mad easy!


Great stuff it works for me


Great bud-tenders , and good weed🔥! Highly recommend 710 Gas Station ‘ they got that dank!

H 🇰🇪

Let me tell you, this place is doing an amazing job. Been having some back issues with me incorporating a whole new workout regimen into my lifestyle. Came in addressed the issue, they took my concern and pulled out some top grade goodies. All the employees are doing an amazing job. We also exchanged some business, local business deserve to thrive as long as they provide the best customer service and fast and easy service. With a smile on everyone’s face. BEST SHOP all around town!!!

Apps decent

I love the app the only thing is it seems the systems don’t work like if I search for a product sometimes it will say my available near me but then I actually look at the dispensary’s menu and what I want is in multiple places. Same with the filters and refining your search just doesn’t work well at all.

Kevin kingsland

The best app in the world😁👍✌️ cool Calm Collective is the best dispensary ever thank you guys for looking out for me😉👍✌️


Best app for finding good dispensaries and good deals

Farm Fresh

Everyone here is great. I especially like Thomas and his patience on explaining different delivery systems. These folks rock 😎


Chronic has awesome service!


I think this is a great app and I would've given it 5 stars except for one thing. It seems most of the menus I visit don't always show pics of the flowers. Other than that it's great


I haven’t even been here yet I’m stoked to come !!

Buds and cream

Wating for a response and so far everything looks good and legit


Best app EVER!!!

Always Welcoming

Great people and great deals


Thanks you for coming through. Appreciate your explanation of products. Will always use Blue Diamond.


fire buds cant wat for my deliver they take care if u here!!

Botanico Zach

This was my first dispensary ever & I LOVED IT! So sweet & helpful with strains & let me smell them all!

weedmaps is awesome!

Weedmaps has always shown me the best deals and the best dispensaries around me, it has never never disappointed me. If you’re looking for good deals on marijuana and don’t know where to look, download weedmaps!!!!



Awesome and easy

As a first time user this has been a great experience. Kim at Premium Meds is super professional and helpful. Great service. Will be referring some friends asap.

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