Weedmaps: Marijuana & Cannabis App Reviews

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Awesome app for dispensaries

Just amazing with menus, reviews and even pics its great to find your best dispensarie

Bad app

This iPad ver has no option... No filter, no link to menu dispensary...

Great way to get what you need.

Easy to use. One time hassle for first time shoppers. Enjoy.

What you smoking on?

Great app But what you smoking on? section need to show more posts Gil!....but great addition Weedmaps equals good sh!t Canadian Subscriber

smoke dank all day

weed maps is da shiit cant wait to move to cali babi


Very useful app, though lacking some locations on the map.

Great App.

This is by far my most used app ;-) the updates are always on point! I love the gps function and the dr finder.

Easy to find places but not as stringent as Leafly.

Weedmaps is great when I cant find a place around. It almost always finds something right away. It would be more comprehensive if it had the same stringency as Leafly or maybe if it had a way to distinguish the more legit dispensaries.


This is an amazing app

App is cool!

Very handy !!! Works well!! Thanks afroman

Amazing help!

So I was at #VanCityWeeds and there was a rep couldnt really remember his name, but we looked up other dispensaries here in Vancouver.

Its awesome !

Very convenient!

Great service

DJ was great in helping me find what I needed. Great explanation Ill definitely he coming back. Keep up the great work

5 stars

Great little nuggets! Love this place.


i suffer from wicked back pain. I take fentanyl and morphone, this does not take the pain from my back it only allows me to get around. Indica helps the pain subside enough to enjoy a little of my old life. THANKS.

Greatest App Ever!!!

This is the Google Maps of MJ....simply amazing, great job gang :D


This app is very useful. Would recommend to anyone in a pinch.

Great tourist app

Used this app when I traveled to California and it was awesome. The native app doesnt have pricing but the web version does and has deals. Recommended for all stoners!!

weed finder

very cool to have an app that saves time & hassle locating weed from town to town its very helpful thanks for the service

Love it

Love this app for finding canna clinics but they need to keep up with whats in stock on the app. Most of the stuff shown is already sold out.

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